Landscaping Service Wilmington DE

When you want to give your lawn and landscape the attention they deserve, without spending hours and hours of your precious time to do it, contact Izzy’s Lawn Services Inc. With a complete scope of abilities and tenured professionals, we’re your complete landscape and lawn care service in Wilmington, DE.


We tackle basic landscaping jobs of all types, to make sure you get precision work on your property that’s provided with quality and excellence. Our landscaping service in Wilmington, DE is equipped to tackle all of the following:

  • Shrub trimming: We can properly groom all ground-level shrubs to help them maintain their health and appearance.
  • Planting: Count on us to plant shrubs, flowers and other basic foliage on your property, to spruce up its appearance and liveliness.
  • Sodding: Having trouble growing grass? Trying to quickly get the grass you need for a beautiful landscape? Contact us for sodding services.
  • Yard clean up: No matter what your yard needs to look its best, count on us to deliver clean-up services that reset everything to a neutral, beautiful state.
Before and After Photos
Before and After Photos

Lawn Care

Looking for basic lawn care services that. Help keep your greenery looking pristine throughout the year? Count on us to provide your residential or commercial property with all of the following:

  • Mowing: We’ll cut your lawn to the perfect height and in patterns that promote positive growth and pigmentation.
  • Trimming: Let us trim up the edges for a lawn that looks geometrically perfect and beautifully clean.
  • Edging: Our edging services prevent lawn overgrowth and square everything off for a clean-cut look to your lawn.
  • Mulching: Mulching is a great way to promote growth in your gardens while also protecting roots and ground-level plants. We provide mulching services.
  • Seeding: Got patches of brown or bare soil that need a little TLC? We seed and cultivate grass growth that’s beautiful and healthy.
  • Aeration: Introducing oxygen and other vital nutrients to your grass is important. Aeration makes this possible, improving the long-term look of your lawn.
Front Yard
Side Yard Trees
Front of House
Front Yard Garden

Other Services

In addition to landscape and lawn care services, we’re also your resource for seasonal and peripheral lawn maintenance services. Count on us to provide:

  • Gutter cleaning: We remove leaves and other debris from your gutters to ensure your water mitigation system is working effectively.
  • Snow removal: Count on us to remove show from your paved surfaces, preventing injury and excess buildups during the winter season.
  • Power washing: Let us blast away stains and other debris wherever it exists on your property! Our power washing services restore everything to a perfect clean façade.


For information about any of the above services, contact Izzy’s Lawn Services Inc. today by calling 302-293-9221.